Tool: Small Salad Spinner


A small salad spinner is good for washing fresh herbs and leaves or making a salad for one. To use a salad spinner, rinse lettuce leaves, place into the bowl, add the lid and press a lever or crank a handle to spin the bowl. The centrific force of the bowl spinning pulls the water off the leaves.


Translations: Mazs Salātu Spinner, Mažos salotos spinner, Salata Spinner mici, Mali Salata Spinner, Salad nhỏ Spinner, Sałata małe Spinner, Kleine Salad Spinner, छोटे स्पिनर सलाद, Salada Pequena Spinner, Малый Салат паук, Μικρές Σαλάτα Spinner, سبينر الصغيرة صلاد, 작은 샐러드 스피너, Malý salát Spinner, Мала салата Спиннер, Maliit na salad manunulid, 小沙拉旋转, Amanida de Petits Spinner, Mala solata Spinner, Malý šalát Spinner, Insalatina Spinner, סלט קטן Spinner, Små Sallad Spinner, Salad Spinner Kecil, 小サラダスピナー, Salade de petits Spinner, Kleine Salatschleuder, Små Salad Spinner, Små Salat Spinner, Ensalada de Pequeños Spinner, Малий Салат павук, Pienet salaattilinko, Малка салата фабрика



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