Tool: Spider Strainer


A type of skimmer/strainer used in Asian and Dutch cooking for removing hot food from liquid or to skim off foam when making broths. It consists of a wide shallow wire-mesh basket that resembles a spider's web that is attached to a long handle.


Translations: Spider sietiņš, Spider koštuvas, Spider sita, Spider cjediljka, Spider lọc, Spider Sitko, Spider Zeef, मकड़ी छलनी, Spider Filtro, Spider фильтра, Spider Φίλτρο, عنكبوت المصفاة, 스파이더 거르는, Spider Sítko, Spider salaan, 蜘蛛滤网, Spider colador, Spider Odcejevalnik, Spider Sitko, Spider Filtro, עכביש מסננת, Spider Sil, Спидер цедиљка, スパイダーストレーナー, Spider crépine, Spider Sil, Spider colador, Spider фільтра, Spider цедка



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