Tool: Basting Brush


Kitchen tool used for applying sauces or basting a meat while roasting. They can be made with a variety of bristles, including vegetable fibers, and out of synthetics, such as silicone.


Translations: Fastrygowanie Brush, Şular Perie, Fastrygowanie Brush, Bedruip Penseel, Basting pensel, Бастинг Браш, Ραντίσματος βούρτσα, تغطية بالحساء فرشاة, 가봉 브러쉬, Basting kartáč, Hilbana Brush, 2.2除锈刷, Embastat raspall, Basting kefa, Imbastitura Brush, Basting ברש, Tråckla Brush, Бастинг Четка, 仮縫いブラシ, Pinceau, Basting ब्रश, Hilvanado cepillo, Бастінг Браш, Saunan Brush, Basting четка



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