Tool: Immersion Blender


An immersion blender is a small appliance with a long, slender wand that is fitted with a small 4-prong blade made of stainless steel used for blending. Instead of pouring contents into a blender, a hand held immersion blender can be immersed into a bowl or pot and blend contents into a finer consistency. Great for making soup, sauces, purees, hummus, and smoothies.


Other names: Magic Wand, Hand Blender
Translations: Iegremdēšana Blender, Immersion blender, Imersiune Blender, Immersion Máy xay sinh tố, Zanurzenie Blender, Staafmixer, विसर्जन ब्लेंडर, Погружение Blender, Βύθιση Blender, الغمر خلاط, 집중 블렌더, Потапање Блендер, Paglulubog Blender, 浸入式搅拌机, Immersió Blender, טבילה בלנדר, Stavmixer, Pencelupan Blender, 液浸Blenderの, Mélangeur à immersion, Inmersión Blender, Занурення Blender, Vedessäoloaika Blender, Потапяне на пасатора



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Curt's picture

This is a must to every kitchen. I'd recommend one that breaks apart for washing purposes.

Jameson's picture

I am a personal chef and I use this tool every time I'm cooking - puree roasted veggies for a soup, making a sun-dried tomato pesto, or whipping up my strawberry banana protein shake before I start...very versatile, fast, simple to use and clean...get one! (I have two!)