Tool: French Tian


A tall, cone-shaped cooking vessel, traditionally made from red clay, used in the Alpes-Maritimes area in France. They are used to cook a traditional braised vegetable stew called Tian.


Translations: Franču Tian, Prancūzijos Tian, Franceză Tian, Francuski Tian, Pháp Tian, Francuski Tian, Franse Tian, फ्रेंच Tian, Tian francês, Французский Тян, Γαλλικά Tian, الفرنسية تيان, 프랑스어 전정, Francouzština Tian, Француски Тиан, Pranses Tian, 法国田, Tian francès, Francoski Tian, Francúzština Tian, Tian francese, הצרפתים טיאן, Franska Tian, Perancis Tian, フランス天, Tian français, Französisch Tian, Fransk Tian, Fransk Tian, Tian francés, Французький Тян, Ranskan Tian, Френски Тиен



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