Tool: Clay Fondue Pot


A versatile ceramic pot for cooking cheese fondue on the stovetop or at the table. Useful on gas, halogen, electric and gas stoves as well as in the microwave and oven up to 500F.


Translations: Clay fondī Pot, Molis Fondue Pot, Argila Fondue Ghiveci, Glina Pot fondi, Clay Pot đun nước sốt, Clay Pot Fondue, Fondue Clay Pot, मिट्टी Fondue पॉट, Clay Pot Fondue, Клей-Пот фондю, Πηλός Fondue Pot, الطين وعاء الفانديو, 클레이 퐁듀 주전자, Clay Pot Fondue, Clay Pot campuran, Clay pondu palayok, 克莱火锅锅, Argila l'olla per fondue, Clay Pot fondue, Clay Pot Fondue, Clay Pot fonduta, קליי פונדו פוט, Clay fondue grytan, Глина Фондуе Шешир, クレイフォンデュ鍋, Clay caquelon à fondue, Clay Fonduetopf, Arcilla la olla para fondue, Клей-Пот фондю, Глина Фондю гнездото



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