Tool: Cocktail Glass


This cone-shaped glass sits on top of a tall, skinny stem and has a circular flat base. The cocktail glass is notably used for martinis and holds about 8 ounces of liquid. The shape of the glass, although wobbly prevents the user's hand from warming up the drink.

One other variation of the martini glass is without the stem, called a stub glass, which is identical to the martini glass, except the stem is removed and the cone rests directly on the base.


Other names: Martini Glass
Translations: Kokteilis stikla, Kokteilį, Cocktail de sticlă, Cocktail Staklo, Kieliszek, कॉकटेल ग्लास, Коктейль стекла, Κοκτέιλ Γυαλί, كوكتيل للزجاج, 칵테일 글라스, Koktejl sklo, Kaktel Glass, 鸡尾酒, Còctel de vidre, Koktejl sklo, Cocktail di vetro, קוקטייל זכוכית, Cocktailglas, Коктел стакла, カクテルグラス, Cocktailglas, Cocktail Glas, Cóctel de vidrio, Коктейль скла, Cocktaillaseja, Коктейл от стъкло

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