Tool: Copper Roasting Pan


Copper is one of the best heat conductors and excellent at distributing heat evenly throughout the pan. This allows the preparation of a dish with less energy. The stainless steel interior is easy to clean, and is non-reactive with food. Polished copper exterior retains its good looks for years to come. Non-drip pouring edge eliminates messy spills and splatters. Can be used on gas, electric and halogen stove tops, and is also oven-safe.


Translations: Vara Grauzdēšana Pan, Vario Skrudinimas Visos, Tava de cupru, Bakar roštilju Pan, Đồng Rang Pan, Pan miedzi na ruszcie, Koper braadslee, कॉपर बरस रही कड़ाही, Cobre assadeira, Медь жаровне, Χαλκός σκάρα Pan, النحاس عموم التحميص, 구리는 구우며 팬, Měď pekáč, Copper litson Pan, 铜烤盘, Coure Pa Torrat, Copper Praženje Pan, Meď pekáč, Teglia di rame, נחושת צלייה פאן, Koppar långpanna, Бакар роштиљу Пан, 銅は、焙煎パン, Cuivre Rôtissoire, Kupfer Bräter, Kobber bradepande, Kobber roasting pan, Cobre Pan Tostado, Мідь коминку, Kupari paistaminen Pan, Медна тава



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