Tool: Pastry Bag


Long conical shaped bag with holes at each end, used in conjunction with pastry tips to apply foods in a decorative manner. Typically made out of plastic coated fabric, or simply a plastic bag, these are most commonly employed in cake decorating. However, they can also be used in savory dishes to create a more decorative look, such as when making deviled eggs. Another use is in a more controlled application of an ingredient. When using a pastry bag, make sure to add the tip first and then the food behind it. This is most easily accomplished by folding down the upper portion of the bag and then spooning in the frosting, etc. You can then wipe the spoon or scraper on the bag and still get everything inside. Once filled, fold the upper portion up and twist the top of the bag down until you have removed all of the air. Apply the filling using a twisting and squeezing motion on the top of the bag with one hand, while guiding the tip with the other.

You can improvise a pastry bag in a couple of ways. The easiest is to cut the corner off of a plastic bag, such as a zipper bag. Another, more precise method is to roll up a sheet of parchment paper into a cone.


Other names: Piping Bag
Translations: Mīklas Bag, Kepiniai Bag, Prajitura Bag, Slastice Bag, Ciasto Bag, Spuitzak, पेस्ट्री थैला, Pastelaria Bag, Кондитерского мешка, Ζαχαροπλαστικής Bag, المعجنات حقيبة, 파이 가방, Pečivo Bag, Bag ng matamis, 糕点袋, Borsa de Pastisseria, Pecivo Bag, Chlieb Bag, מאפה תיק, Sprits, Пециво Торба, 菓子袋, Pâtisserie Bag, Spritzbeutel, Konditor Bag, Bolsa de Pastelería, Кондитерського мішка, Kakut Bag, Сладкарници чанта




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