Tool: Beer Engine


A beer engine is a device for pumping beer. Originally they were manually operated and typically used to dispense beer from a cask or container in a pub's basement or cellar.


Translations: Alus Dzinēja, Alus Variklis, Motor de bere, Pivo motora, Silnik piwa, बीयर इंजन, Пиво двигателя, محرك البيرة, 맥주 엔진, Pivo motoru, 啤酒引擎, Cerveza del motor, Beer motorja, Pivo motora, Birra del motore, באר מנוע, Öl Motor, Пиво Мотор, ビールエンジン, Øl Engine, Cervesa del motor, Пиво двигуна, Olut Moottori, Бира на двигателя


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