Tool: Canning Lid Rack


A small wire rack for holding canning lids after sterilization. Great to prevent lids sticking together and air drying.


Other names: Lid Rack
Translations: Canning Dangtis Rack, Canning Capac Rack, Canning Poklopac Rack, Canning nắp Rack, Rack Lid Canning, Canning Deksel Rack, कैनिंग ढक्कन रैक, Canning Rack Lid, Каннинг крышки стойки, Κονσερβοποίηση Rack καπάκι, تعليب ليد الرف, 통조림의 리드 랙, Tutup pengalengan Rack, Canning panakip suksukan, 罐头盖架, Canning Rack tapa, Canning Ľud Rack, Canning coperchio Rack, קנינג Rack מכסה, Конзервирање поклопца рацк, カンニングふたラック, Rack couvercle Canning, Canning Deckel Rack, Canning Rack tapa, Каннінг кришки стійки, Canning Kansi Rack, Консервната капака Rack

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