Tool: Cookie Press


A cylindrical gadget used for creating shaped cookies, such as spritz. The dough goes in the body of the press, and a plunger pushes it through a disc attached to the end to form desired shape.


Other names: The Cookie Press, Spritz Cookie Press, Cookie Press
Translations: Cookie Τύπου, Cookie Spauda, كوكي الصحافة, Cookie Tlač, Cookie de presse, Cookie de presă, 쿠키 보도 자료, Cookie Presse, Cookie Tisk, קוקי העיתונות, Пресс Cookie, Druk Cookie, Cookie Pindutin ang, कुकी प्रेस, Cookie Premsa, Прес Cookie, 曲奇新闻, クッキープレス, Цоокие за штампу, Cookie Prensa, Cookie Прес



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