The Sommelier of Today

March 31, 2008

Many people shrivel in their seats when they see the sommelier coming their way, thinking he or she is only going to recommend the most expensive bottle on the list. But that's not the case today. Gone (or at least exceptionally rare) is the old tuxedo-clad man who spoke down his nose in affected French, and recoiled when you ordered the cheapest Bordeaux on the list.

The sommelier of today is a less pretentious, dressed-down version who is uber passionate about food and wine. More importantly, their aim is to make your dining experience as pleasurable as possible without you worrying about parting ways with too many greenbacks. Sure, it's their job to increase the restaurant's wine sales, but it's more about finding the right bottle for each individual customer. For many sommeliers great satisfaction is gained when they delight us by introducing a less-known wine or by recommending a creative food and wine pairing.

So rather than fear these modern wine guides, embrace them. It's fun for them and delicious for us. I love anyone whose job it is to make us happy!



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We do love your wine choices....beautiful photo!