Pink Peppercorns

July 25, 2008

I always thought those reddish pink peppercorns were actually pepper, but I just learned they're not! In fact they come from the Baies Rose plant (schinus bush), and are much more delicate than pepper. These semi-ripe berries are delicate, fragrant and sweet, yet also have spicy peppery notes. When you pop one in your mouth you taste rose, sweet fruitiness, followed by a hint of pepper. We purchased an ounce ($3/oz) at World Spice in Pike Place Market, and were told that pink peppercorns are wonderful in vinaigrettes and sauces, with fruit and desserts, as well as swordfish and chicken. We ground some up in our Turkish spice mill and made a paste with olive oil and Kosher salt. We rubbed the paste on both sides of our swordfish steaks and grilled them on the barbecue. Delicately delicious! I've heard that pink peppercorns are great in gelato, so stay tuned for another pink peppercorn episode!



Dreama's picture

Oh my......these peppercorns look soooooo gorgeous. I think I'll make a trip to SEA just to get some!!! I;m looking forward to another pink peppercorn episode!!