Followed by a Mighty Leaf

August 20, 2008

I love Mighty Leaf Tea, which is why I was excited to get a message earlier today that they are "following" us on Twitter! If you aren't familiar with Twitter, it is a service that continues to grow and grow, despite the fact that so many people I know say "I don't get it." TechCrunch, recently had an interesting article on why they think Twitter has been so successful:

It's also been interesting to see how many people in the food world have taken to "tweeting" about what they are cooking, eating, drinking, etc. One inventive person is even writing recipes via Twitter, which limits posts to 140 characters:

Check us out there,, who's following us and who we are following, you will find some really interesting folks. Oh..and don't be shy, go ahead and follow us!



Rich's picture

Hey Barnaby,

I'm going to be 'Twittering'.


Pat and Milo's picture

Sounds like good clean fun to me. Will we get any fatter? If not, count us in.

Sue Johnston's picture

Barnaby, we love Chinese food, and will try your Char Siu BBQ Pork. I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes and will send this site on to our daughter.

Bob Boots's picture

Super looking website

Frank's picture

Very Cool!! We are trying new things to make our in-home culinary lives more exciting and this is the perfect place to do that!! :-)

Ken's picture

Hats off to you for the Mighty feather in your cap! Very cool. I like Mighty Leaf too. The thing I like most is the cool (silk?) bags. I wish they were reusable, then they could sell their teas in bulk as well.

And yes, B. I will add tweeting to my list of New Media musts. It is right below looking into setting up a Facebook page.

Alice's picture

Best wishes for your success with the website. Alice, a friend of Rich and Dreama.

David Womterholler's picture

Love your new web site. We'll be using it soon.

Richard D Urwiller's picture

Nice web site!!! Like Rich we will twitter as well.

Angelina Hostutler's picture

There are so many foods I would like to try! The pictures look so inviting. Good Job