March 1, 2009

I don't quite remember where or when I discovered chilaquiles, but it was many years ago in Mexico and I remember thinking (or more likely exclaiming out loud), "Tortilla chips for breakfast? I love this country!" Chilaquiles is a typical Mexican dish served at breakfast or brunch. It's known as the "poor man's breakfast" because it's made from leftovers, namely tortilla chips. Chips or strips (or totopos) of corn tortillas are layered in a dish and smothered in sauce, typically either green (made with tomatillos) or red, and simmered until the chips are soft. It is then topped with grated cotija cheese (similar to feta or ricotta salata but less salty) and crema (like sour cream), and is sometimes served with chicken, refried beans and/or eggs. For an easy Chilaquiles recipe click here.

Chilaquiles on Foodista



maris's picture

Tortilla chips for breakfast? All you need is guacamole and you've got my new favorite meal :)

TikiPundit's picture

There's a place about 3/4 mile from my house, that does this incredible green chile sauce on top of chilaquiles. I've got to meet the cook. This is one seriously refined sauce, like the cook mixed CIA training with growing up in Chihuahua.

Seth's picture

My roommate and I just made this..but the poor college student version of course: El pato, tortillas, whatever cheese was mold-free, and some unclaimed eggs.. Que Delicioso!

Kevin's picture

Those look really tasty!