A Week of Julia Child

July 31, 2009

Julia Child's birthday is right around the corner, as is the much-anticipated (at least to us food lovers) new film Julie & Julia. To take part in celebrating Julia's life and her contributions to the culinary world, we thought it apropos to have a "Week of Julia" here on the Foodista blog. We'll highlight some of our favorite Julia dishes, as well as some we think are just simply great dishes to cook at home - even if you don't have a lot of time.

Oh, Julia taught us so much (and continues to do so through her books)! She began by showing us how to master the art of French cooking at home, which became the title of her first book aptly named Mastering The Art of French Cooking. She taught us that the more we know about food, the less mysterious it is, and the easier cooking becomes. As we all became more health conscious and more interested in knowing where our food comes from she continued to teach us the principles of good cooking. If you knew nothing about cooking, she'd teach you the basics to get you on your way; if you were a seasoned cook, she always had new ideas and ways of approaching a recipe. She taught us how to build on our culinary experiences, how to plan an excellent meal in half an hour, how eat in moderation (yes, a chef told us that!), and how to not fear food (try those escargot!)

So here's to Julia, and here's to a lovely week of wonderfully French recipes!



Jen @ MaplenCornbread's picture

Julia is such an inspiration of mine, I adore her! YAY for the week long tribute!! :) :)

Desmone007's picture

I love French food so I welcome "A Week With Julia Child", and I can't wait to see the movie! I wish foodies everywhere could get together and watch it...and of course have some nice treats to eat :)

dkg's picture

She was a British spy. Trust her?

Foodista Blog - Shirred Eggs with Herbs and Cream's picture

[...] Day 3 in our Week of Julia Child and I thought, what better recipe to bring you on a glorious Sunday morning than one for Shirred [...]

Anonymous's picture

Ye i have to agree, big fan of french food as well and looking forward to the movie.... ;)

Sheri Wetherell's picture

Julia was actually in the OSS - the Office of Strategic Services - the precursor to the CIA. All American, baby!

Les's picture

Sorry I missed this last week. Try Concombres au Beurre with olive oil substituted for butter: you'll be agreeably surprised. J.C. never stopped evolving, learning, and sharing what she learned. What a generous spirit. God bless the educators!