Japanese Fried Chicken

August 23, 2009

Move over, Colonel Sanders, there's a new fried chicken in town! Actually, it's not new at all but it may be new to you. Chicken Karaage (or simply Karaage) is Japanese fried chicken.

When I lived in Japan, every Saturday night after work I went to my favorite little izakaya (a Japanese pub that serves small bites) and ordered karaage - along with an assortment of yakitori, homemade tofu, and whatever fresh sashimi was on the menu. Typically made with thigh meat, karaage are tender, juicy nuggets with a light and crispy exterior. The perfect pairing with this dish? A tall glass of ice cold beer. Give it a dash of Shichimi Togarashi spice (a blend of seven Japanese spices) and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and this chicken dish will surely become a family favorite.

Click below for the easy recipe:

Chicken Karaage on Foodista

Shichimi Togarashi on Foodista



Bryce Vanderford's picture

Wow! That chicken sounds incredible! Will have to find me some.

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A definite great read....

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I just tried some of these fried chicken nuggets at Asakusa last week. Now I need to find a source in the US. These kick KFC's a**.