Do your food choices determine your political views?

November 18, 2009

Republicans and democrats differ on many issues: healthcare, environmental policy, abortion- we won't go there. However, they may also differ on cheese preference. Or their favorite type of girl scout cookie.

According to a report by Hunch, Americans' food choices differ widely by political party. Hunch is a website that asks users a series of questions to make a decision; for example, "what should I eat for lunch?" or (shameless self promotion) "what Foodista recipe should I make"?

More than 64,000 people answered the question "Do you tend to support liberal or conservative politicians?" Based on respondents' answers to other questions, the Hunch team determined:

  • French Fries: liberals prefer "bistro-type" fries; conservatives prefer McDonald's fries
  • Cheese: liberals prefer brie; conservatives prefer velveeta or Colby
  • Girl Scout Cookies: liberals prefer Trefoils; conservatives prefer Samoas
  • Birthday cake: liberals are more likely to bake one from scratch; conservatives are more likely to buy one at the store.
  • Lunch: liberals prefer Thai or Indian food; conservatives prefer pizza, PB&J or macaroni and cheese.

And yes, conservatives (like Sarah Palin) are more likely to drink soda.

Do you agree or disagree with these findings?

(image by asecondhandconjecture)



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