If It's Thanksgiving, It's Time for Lambrusco. Yes, Lambrusco.

November 25, 2009

Lambrusco? Huh? That cloying, fizzy drink? Nope. Cast away your preconceived notions! The 2008 Cantine Ceci Lambrusco "La Luna" is dry, dry, dry. Bone-dry. Sahara-dry. Why is it perfect for the (traditional) Thanksgiving meal? Let me tell you:

  • Its slightly sparkling style and moderate 11% alcohol make it a wine you can enjoy at the table for a long time without paying for it the next day.
  • It has a wonderful grape-y and slightly tart flavor that can handle the cranberry sauce.
  • You enjoy it chilled, so it is eminently refreshing.
  • The back label has this delightful description that I wish I thought of: "An exuberant wine that can accompany the entire meal from appetizers of cold meat to first and main courses of white and red meat."
  • Best of all, you drink it out of a rocks glass.  Zero pretension!  And with all the dishes being passed around, commotion, and ribald behavior, you don't have to worry about stemware getting broken.  You rest easy and enjoy your meal knowing that your clumsy relatives, Lord and Lady Shatterly, are not going to send shards of glass flying all over the table and into the gravy boat.
  • Finally, purple bubbles!