10 gifts for vegetarian foodies

December 7, 2009

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan foodie on your holiday list? Here are 10 gift ideas that are guaranteed make any veggie happy.

1. Vegetarian Beginner's Guide. Going vegetarian isn't as simple as merely giving up meat; making the switch requires new eating habits, nutritional requirements and mindset. New vegetarians (and even some who have been at it for a while) may need a bit of education and coaching to ensure their diet is a success, and this book from Vegetarian Times can help.

2. A subscription to Veg News or Vegetarian Times. These magazines are chock-full of information on lifestyle, health, new products and more. (Yes, recipes too.)

3. Membership to a food co-op. Food co-ops are employee- and member-owned businesses that provide their customers with fresh, locally-grown organic foods; essentially, food co-ops are farmers markets in the form of a grocery store. (Need to find a food co-op?)

4. Eating Animals. Jonathan Safran Foer's book is a thought-provoking ethical analysis of Big Meat, and one of the most gripping non-fiction books of 2009.

5. Mini donut pan. How else are you going to make Vegan Yum Yum's adorable mini donuts?

6. Vegetable cookie cutters. Take 'eat your veggies' to a whole new level!

7. A cute pro-veg t-shirt. Herbivore Clothing in Portland, OR has an excellent selection.

8. For the die-hard DIY-er: a soy milk maker. Why should someone who sews their own clothing, knits their own hats, and bakes their own bread settle for anything less than homemade soy milk?

9. Vegetarian gift basket. Online stores like Vegan Divine or the Vegan Store have delightful pre-made baskets, but why not create your own? Combine a variety of foods and products in a nice basket and wrap with a pretty ribbon. Suggestions: Mexican hot chocolate, vegan truffles, or bath products.

10. Something homemade! Cookies, cupcakes, candies, truffles, a cake, a pie- doesn't matter what. Homemade gifts come from the heart, and are relatively inexpensive for those on a budget.

Vegetarians: what's on your wish list?

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David Hutson's picture

I think that those Japanese veggie cutters would be great, multipurpose... Also rice molds, tiny containers, etc. - all that killer Japanese bento stuff would make any vegetarian happy. :) It would me!

Helen Pitlick's picture

Ooh, good ideas David! Bento boxes are hot right now. Herbivore also has tiffins- the English/Indian version of Bentos!

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Jacqueline's picture

I agree with the tiffin idea. I love them and they make a great gift for veggie foodies! Also, how about a crock pot and a copy of the book "Fresh from the Slow Cooker." Yummo!