A Big Thank You to All Our Foodista Contributors

January 21, 2010

We want to give a big thank you to everyone involved in Foodista this past year! We've highlighted some of our loyal users who have joined us in our online kitchen and found Foodista helpful to them. A link to our testimonial page can be found here. We continue to work hard at creating tools to help all you passionate food bloggers! Here's to all of us building the best online cooking encyclopedia!

I learned about Foodista shortly after entering this rapidly evolving food blog world and it's been a great discovery!  Not only do I find the information helpful for my posts, I appreciate how easy it is to add my own input and occasional insights.  And I really like how easy it is to link the relevant Foodista page to my blog, so that readers can easily jump to recipes and more, from Abiu to Zesting!
Jeremy Warner

Earlier this year I had the chance to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference here in Seattle, sponsored by Foodista and Sur La Table. It was a watershed moment for me. I felt part of a community, both literal and figurative, and left energized and focused. Since then, I’ve sought out folks in the community for guidance both in food and writing, some in person and others only online. Most all are listed in the blogroll to the right, but I want to highlight a few: The folks at Foodista (Melissa, Sheri, Barnaby), who are building community through technology, something I’m fiercely passionate about.
Jenny Richards

Today's food lover/home chef/consumer, who happens to do just about everything on the Net, has got to find Foodista completely refreshing. Because there's something beautiful that happens when you stop by Foodista - it's inclusive. It's a great place for people (like me) who love "all things food"; people that might plan to stop by just for a minute - and then feel so at home that you just have to go find that old family recipe and leave it with your "food loving friends" at Foodista - the ones that work there and stop by on the Net.  You folks don't try to package it up to be too perfect, like something that the consumer feels like they can't "touch".
Carlo Powe-Crawford

Soon after I started my blog, I heard about Foodista and signed up right away.  It’s been great to have the support of the people at Foodista as I have been developing Splendid Market.  Beyond the words of encouragement, It has been exciting to watch the placement of my blog improve in the major search engines as I posted my recipes on Foodista.  By using the Foodista widgets in my posts, I’m able to provide my readers with printable versions of my recipes!   Whether you have a blog or not, Foodista is a great resource for anyone who loves good food – it is loaded with great recipes and information.

Emily Heston

Above photo by Mykl Roventine



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I need to contribute more to Foodista... which means I need to COOK more (instead of eating OUT)!!

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Thanks for all of your great articles and support Melissa. I appreciate all of the hard work from the Foodista.com staff for creating such an easy and versatile website. I hope your 2010 is a good year with a lot of opportunities and prosperity.

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[...] A Big Thank You to All Our Foodista Contributors [...]

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Thank you Jo and Brad for being such fantastic supporters of Foodista- your loyalty means so much to all of us!