Miracle Whips Itself

February 28, 2011

miracle whip debate

Miracle Whip: Do you love it or hate it? This has to be one of the most brilliant ad campaigns I've seen since Don Draper's Kodak Carousel pitch on Mad Men!

Kraft Foods, the makers of the tangy sweet mayo spread, took it upon themselves to launch a public debate, one that Americans have debated at family picnics, lunches and BBQ for decades. It's pretty ballsy for a company to have people (even famous people!) denouncing your product as gross on national television.

Which is why I think the ad is simply brilliant. As a mayonnaise lover, I'd always despised Miracle Whip. I recall choking down the Miracle Whip-laden tuna sandwiches that my childhood friend's mom used to make. To this day I cringe. But, Kraft's funny and self-flagellating campaign made me click on the Try a Sample link.

And so I join the debate. Stay tuned for my vote.



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