Stump the Wine Geek

September 15, 2010

 I've tasted (drank) loads of wines but what I what I love about this business is that I'm always stumbling into new and unexpected things. The latest? Corsican Vermentino. While I can say that I've sampled Vermentino before, I certainly had not tried (and was ignorant of) wines from Corsica. It was fantastic! Most of the Vermentino I've had has been decent, if unremarkable. This wine has some sizzle. I looked up some information for this wine on importer Kermit Lynch's website, and both he and his staff thought there was something Chablis-like about this wine. I'd agree with that in the way where Chablis showed me the pinnacle of Chardonnay's elegance and grace, Corsica is producing some Vermentino that elevates my appreciation of what can be achieved with this humble grape. So what have been some of your more unusual wine discoveries? 

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