The Man Can (or Bacon Never Smelled So Good)

March 18, 2011

ManCans LogoHart Main and the Man Cans (while also an awesome name for a band) has become a national sensation this week both for his awesome manly scented candles and his story. At 13 years old, Main is the founder and CEO of Man Cans, and a middle school student in Marysville, OH. After making fun of his sister (the way 13 year old boys do so well...) for selling "really girly" scented candles for school, Main had an epiphany: "the idea came to me that there weren't any man-scented candles."

With foodie scents like Bacon, New York Style Pizza, Cracker Jacks ("A prize for your nose in every can"), Bubble Gum ("Just like opening the pack of Topps Baseball cards"), Buttered Popcorn, Coffee andFlapjacks to testosterone-infused scents like Fresh Cut Grass ("the smell of fresh cut grass without all the work"), New Mitt ("A new fresh leather smell that reminds of breaking in that new glove"), Sawdust, Grandpa's Pipe, Money to Burn ("Use your tax refund to buy a candle") and Gear Head ("Smells like the auto garage") it seems like Main has got it all figured out. So far, he has sold over 500 candles and business has been booming since his story went national - the best part? In addition to making every candle by hand in his parents kitchen, as Main so eloquently writes "Green is more than just a color at Man Cans" - all of the candles use recycled paper for the wrapper and soup cans obtained by donating their contents to local soup kitchens.

At 13 years old, Main is an entrepreneur with both spunk and a penchant for community service - what could be better?