The Newest Food Truck on the Block

March 23, 2011

Jack in the Box Munchie MobileLast Friday, another food truck hit the streets of San Diego: the Munchie Mobile, proudly owned and operated by Jack in the Box. Perhaps it is unsurprising that a fast food giant has finally jumped on the mobile-meal bandwagon, but it still feels like a betrayal of sorts. Aren't food trucks supposed to be independently owned and operated? Little pockets of indie-awesomeness drifting through the city? The underdog for which we fight and feast? Maybe not.

In an interview, Jack in the Box spokesman Brian Luscomb said, "Food trucks are a popular trend these days... Jack in the Box Munchie Mobile - Detailand our guests have been asking, 'Why doesn't Jack offer a food truck?' So we built the biggest and baddest food truck we could possibly imagine." And oh, is it bad -- in the best possible way. Featuring a larger-than-life Jack, clad in shimmering armor, in a chariot drawn by a snarling polar bear and tiger (do you think he knows Charlie Sheen?), set against a fantastical backdrop of a off the cover of the best sci-fi or fantasy novel.

The Munchie Mobile will be meandering around Orange County over the next few months, ultimately migrating to Los Angeles this summer.

Photos from Jack in the Box Media Gallery