Salmonella Outbreaks Across the Country

April 3, 2011

Every year, there are one million salmonella cases in the United States. Last week, Food Safety News reported daily salmonella outbreaks and recalls of suspected salmonella-contaminated foods.
Nineteen people suffered from salmonella in Rhode Island because of cream-filled pastries, various baked goodies, and sausages. Three days later, one person died and the total number of people who tested positive went up to 38. Yesterday, the number of infected people increased to 56.
Melons or cantaloupes from Del Monte Fresh Fruits were recalled due to possible salmonella contamination.
Twelve people tested positive for salmonella in ten different states because of Jennie-O Lean Turkey Burgers. The supplier company issued a voluntary recall of the turkey burger boxes on April 2.
The nationwide salmonella outbreak must be an alert for us to take extra precaution in buying and handling food. Food safety is everybody’s responsibility.
To prevent salmonella and other food borne sickness, here are four simple tips:

1. Always wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap especially after handling fresh fruits, raw meat, and poultry.

2. Wash all food containers and cooking utensils such as chopping boards and knives.

3. Keep raw foods away from cooked foods.

4. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before storing them in the refrigerator or freezer using a clean container.