Great Kitchen Gadget: Chef Sleeve

May 2, 2011

chef sleeve

Our team at Foodista loves to cook. We write about food, edit recipes, and then we go home and dirty our kitchens. The hard part, for me, is that I have always placed my laptop directly on my counter to display whatever recipe I'm creating. This has often meant spills, sugar overload (for me and the computer), and sticky keys. It's not quite so easy to scroll on my mouse pad with buttered fingers.

chef sleeve

A few weeks ago, the folks at Chef Sleeve sent us a box of clear plastic sleeves to fit snugly over an iPad and protect it in the kitchen. I brought the box of 25 disposable sleeves home and got cookin'. One recipe in, and I was happy to not worry about greasing the touch pad, dripping batter into the crevices, and dusting it with floury powder. I was still able to switch back and forth between multiple recipes. I was also able to stand it next to my stove and not think twice about the steam affecting my screen.
Overall, I found the product convenient and helpful. I very rarely cook from books or magazines these days, so I enjoyed being able to view my online recipes while protecting my favorite (and most expensive!) electronic.

chef sleeve

My only criticism of the product is that I wish the Chef Sleeve were a single, reusable clear plastic cover. It would cut down on waste if I were able to simply rinse it off, dry it well, and fit it onto my iPad again.

Otherwise, I thought Chef Sleeve had some fantastic pros:

1. You can still use the touch screen. Even with the thin film of plastic, the screen is able to sense any finger movement and tapping.

chef sleeve

2. The packaging can double as an iPad stand. The cardboard box forms an easel to prop up the iPad, therefore displaying your recipe more prominently.

3. It's 100% recyclable.

Learn more and order your own box of Chef Sleeves here!

*Note: Chef Sleeve sent me this product, free, for review. The thoughts and opinions I expressed are 100% my own.



Wayne's picture

Nice review, Andie. I really like that the packaging doubles as an iPad stand. That's a nice touch.

You mention as a con that you wished the sleeve was reusable instead of disposable. Did you try and reuse the sleeve? Other reviews I have seen say they were able to do this, but wondering if you ran into any problems like the plastic wearing out, lack of ability to reseal, or something like that.