You Expect Me to Eat That???

May 8, 2011

twinkie sushi

Thank you Grist for this gross and hilarious slide show round up of 12 Things That You Should Never Put in Your Mouth!

Some of the highlights:

Twinkie Sushi- It's good to know that this ever-lasting junk food staple is also quite versatile.

Canned Whole Chicken- It looks as disgusting as it sounds. Let's hope that this does not end up in your emergency food stash, because I'm not sure there is ever a time where this should be considered food!

Funyuns Flamin' Hot- This is a perfect of example of; just because it's gluten free does not mean you should eat it!

Batter Blaster- What will they think of next? Pancake mix in a whip-cream style canister, and it's even organic! See above, but replace gluten free with organic.

Cheeseburger in a Can- Well, at least the chicken in a can has a friend. It's so easy, as you can even heat the opened can in a double broiler. Suddenly, Mickey Dees seems a tad less gross (only the smallest of tads).

Photos: Urbandude and Iampeas