Keller's French Laundry Popping Up in London Department Store

May 26, 2011

Harrod's London

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Chef and Chevalier Thomas Keller discussed the possibility of opening up a pop-up restaurant in Harrod's, the world's premier luxury department store. Keller, a 7 Michelin-star chef and the man behind The French Laundry, Per Se and Bouchon, made it clear that the deal was still very much at the discussion-stage.

"We’re still talking to Harrods: Nothing has been decided yet,” Keller remarked. And what would it be? An incarnation of the French Laundry? Harrod's Per Se? Who knows! According to Keller, "the most important thing is that you represent the kind of thing you do at home. Cooking’s a simple equation: It’s about ingredients and technique. So if I’m coming here with my techniques to use the ingredients that are available in this country, then we’re missing half of the equation, and I don’t want to do that." Well then, this could get interesting...

Harrod's London

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