Miranda Kerr Shares Her Post-Pregnancy Diet and Fitness Routine

May 27, 2011

FabSugar recently interviewed Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr to learn how she got her body back after pregnancy. Kerr gave birth in January to a son, Flynn Christopher Bloom; she told FabSugar that she lost her pregnancy weight by doing plenty of yoga and eating sensibly: "I pretty much follow the 80 percent healthy, 20 percent indulgent rule. Life is about having fun and it's about a balance, it's not about being super-strict with yourself."

Those sentiments echoed an interview Miranda Kerr did earlier this week with Fox News in which she explained, "I was practicing yoga the whole pregnancy and at the same time I have been eating super healthy, lots of veggies and fresh fish and grains, fresh juices." She also divulged that breastfeeding helped her lose her pregnancy weight.

Do you agree with Miranda Kerr's emphasis on balance and fun, or is your relationship with food and dieting a contentious one? See Kerr's full interview with FabSugar below:

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