Are Humans Turning into Plastic People?

June 30, 2011

A new University of Missouri study has found that BPA (bisphenol-A) caused male deer mice to behave like females. The female mice didn't want to mate with the males who had been exposed to the BPA, and researchers believe that the BPA exposure could be damaging to behavioral cognitive traits that are unique to each sex.

Another University of Missouri study shows that exposure to BPA has been significantly underestimated. "People are primarily and unknowingly exposed to BPA through the diet because of the various plastic and paper containers used to store our food are formulated with BPA,”

More than 90% of US citizens are believed to have BPA in their blood. And more recent studies showed the majority of pregnant woman's fetuses had measurable amounts of BPA. This is yet another reason to avoid food packaged in plastic and bottled water.


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GreenTXmom's picture

While it is true that BPA is a serious health threat, your article is misleading regarding bottled water. Standard individual serving bottles donot use number 7 plastic and do not leach BPA. However the large 5 gallon type water bottles in water coolers do emit BPA. Filtered tap water is still the best bet for our bodies AND the environment.