5 Fantastic Fruity Salads

July 6, 2011

With the temperatures in the 90's or more, it is hard to imagine eating anything, much less a heavy meal. Fruit salad is a winner around here My basic recipe includes whatever is in season, mixed with yogurt/sourcream and ginger or a little fresh mint as a dressing. Right now, we are eating fresh strawberries with balsamic vinegar too. Its about as simple as you can get.

These 5 fruity salads will get  you to start thinking of delicious combinations. 

Five Ingredient Fruit Salad
What could be easier? This fruit salad is light and lovely. 

Cous Cous Fruit Salad
A salad with a little more sticking power, yet still light and refreshing. Love the bit of cayenne in there. 

Fruit and Yogurt Pasta Salad
This looks amazing! what a great way to serve a light dinner, that the kids will love. Yum!

Fruit Gazpacho Salad
Lovely list of ingredients with heat from Anaheim chili, and a pop of texture from almonds. What a treat. 

Fresh Fruit Melange
Have I mentioned that I live right next to a melon grower? He gifts us with dozens of sweet, ripe melons every year. I will be using this recipe for the next basket of melons that comes my way.