How Stars Can Avoid Food Poisoning

July 8, 2011

With the recent report that Katy Perry suffered from severe food poisoning, that makes the third star in the past month who has been affected by this avoidable illness.

There are ways to keep from getting food poisoning, and they all involve basic food handling skills: Keep hot things hot, cold things cold, fresh things washed, and everything that touches food, clean. 

I can only imagine the difficulty in keeping a famous person's schedule. It is doubtful that their meals resemble anything like a home cooked list of recipes, but that is no excuse for being served less than perfectly handled food. Because their lives are constantly in a state of flux, it is even more important that the fuel they put into their bodies is kept to the highest standards of health and safety. 

My recommendation as a mere commoner who loves both stars AND food: 

Buy local foods as much as possible
To  you and me, this might seem like a dizzying proposition, but don't for a minute think that a bus containing the famous person and their entourage just rolls into the next stop without some preplanning. Especially this time of year, local markets abound. Find them. 

Keep things simple
Prepare dishes that are requested without going completely off the norm. Don't create the buffet for the crew and then hope someone eats it before it goes bad. Day old anything has probably spent more time than recommended at the wrong temperature.

Avoid questionable foods
Not the motherly advice that it sounds like. Do not put food into your mouth without knowing that it was only a short way from idea to plate.  

Finally, who the  heck feeds these people? Their  hair and makeup crew seems to be at the top of their game, yet without food, even the most lovely star can't do his or her thing. It seems like their handler's priorities might be a little mixed up. 

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