Celiac Saturday: Gluten Free BBQ Sauces

July 9, 2011

Nothing compares to homemade BBQ sauce, but sometimes there just isn't time to whip a batch up from scratch -- especially if you're cooking for a crowd! While homemade sauce is often the safest choice, there are many commercially available gluten free BBQ sauces. Here are my top 5 barbecue sauces:

Bone Suckin' Sauce
A little sweet, a little tangy and with a serious kick - this sauce lives up to its name!

Dinosaur Sensuous Slathering Sauce
With a name like that, how can you say no?! A little thin but hits the three major flavor groups: sweet, spicy and tangy.

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce
The emphasis on this one is definitely sweet - but also thick 'n spicy!

Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce
Available nationwide, this classic BBQ sauce is perfect for dipping, grilling and glazing.

Bullseye Barbecue Sauce
Sweet and smoky, the classic barbecue sauce combination.

Click here for more information and BBQ sauce reviews.

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mary's picture

I was sooo disappointed. I was hoping to get some recipes, not links to commercial BBQ sauces.

Teresa's picture

I looked at the ing. of Sweet Baby Ray's and it said caramel color, so I thought I couldn't have it. Isn't caramel gluten?

Eileen's picture

Caramel coloring can be gluten-containing if it's made outside of the US. If made in the US, it is "generally" considered to be GF. (BTW, true caramel is made from sugar butter, and cream and is GF if they haven't added weird things to it. It's caramel" coloring" that you have to watch out for.)

Eileen's picture

Also, Sweet Baby Rays has "Modified food starch" without info on the source. I don't use it, and either make my own in a matter of minutes, or stick with Stubbs -- which is GF by ingredient.