Hungary Gives Monsanto a Smack Down

July 23, 2011

GMO seeds are banned in Hungary, and to show that they mean business, the country destroyed 1,000 acres of GMO maize. Seed traders are required to make sure that there are no GMOs, but the government will keep checking for banned crops. 

The bad news is really for the farmers, because it's too late in the season to plant new crops. This year's harvest is lost, and the farmers aren't even sure how the GMO seeds came to be. 

Aside from the loss to the farmers, let's hope that other countries follow suit and get rid of these franken crops once and for all!

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Tara @ The Butter Dish's picture

AWESOME!!!!! Way to lead the way Hungary. I sooo hope other countries will follow suit. Sadly I think Monsanto is too deeply rooted in the pockets of American Politicians. I can't see the same ever happening here. :(

Tammy J's picture

Monsanto is an evil corp. working on controlling the food supply and humans are their guinea pigs. They are responsible for Agent Orange and BGH and all of the genetically mod. foods, which are made from injecting the foods with bacteria and viruses- horrible.

Too bad Monsanto is linked to strongly to the US powers that be, but there are people speaking out, including "Millions against Monsanto" at

Janos Kovacs's picture

Unfortunately, it will only be a matter of short time until our government leaders are as corrupted by Monsanto's money as the United States. I'm scared that all too soon Hungary will see an end to our traditional farming methods and clean foods.

Jean's picture

This Rocks! Hope more countries follow suit!
Unfortunately, in the US Monsanto is welcomed with open arms. The current administration is even subsidizing gmo production with our tax dollars. Sinfull!

Ildi Ingraham's picture

Hungarians are resourceful and autonomous. I'm really proud of them for saying, "NO!"