Organic Farmers not Willing to Accept Monsanto as their Dark Lord

July 25, 2011

270,000 organic farmers are standing up to the massive bully and big Ag giant, Monsanto. The battle to preserve organic food on planet Earth is on. This is welcome news, considering that the Obama White House now plays for team Monsanto.

The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association is leading the battle to protect organic farmers from being sued for patent infringement, due to their crops being contaminated with Monsanto seeds.

As Dan Ravicher, director of Public Patent Foundation, points out “it’s actually in Monsanto’s financial interest to eliminate organic seed so that they can have a total monopoly over our food supply.”

It's scary how close they are to making this dream a reality. We must keep voting with our dollars and supporting sustainable local farms as much as possible.

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Beverly Sowa's picture

Maybe the organic farmers should sue Monsanto because they have contaminated their crops just as Monsanto has sued farmers that save seeds when seed savers possess Monsanto seeds that the wind blew their way.

Maria's picture

Organic farmers! We are with you! What can we do to help! Please let us know! How can we "contaminate" their crops with organics!!!!

E Thayer's picture

Beverly, I think you have a good point, and the organic farmers may have a valid case.

Del Williams's picture

You're right about Monsanto and entirely wrong about the Obama administration. The reason why this is being litigated is because it is about the only way Republican policy (that allowed Monsanto and other agribusiness corporations to attempt to control our food production and, in fact, contaminate it with GMOs) can be challenged and changed. Organic farmers have never found a friend in the Republican party which has fought to even control organic farming saying it needed to be regulated while fighting regulation of corporations like Monsanto.

Keep up the good fight to keep our food clean, healthy and uncontaminated by GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and growth hormones.