Fishy Fridays: All About Marlin

July 29, 2011

Mix things up this week with Marlin, a little known Atlantic fish, a close relative of the swordfish. With extremely firm flesh (we're talking you need a knife to cut it, no flaking here!) that resembles chicken breast more than anything else, this subtely flavored fish could most easily be compared to tuna. A few fun facts: adult Atlantic Blue Marlin can reach 20 ft in length and weigh 1,800 lbs, are game for sport fisherman in tropical waters but are often caught and released. Happy eating!

Grilled Blue Marlin Steak with Wild Rice Salad
This light, refreshing dish is super simple and quick to put together for a weekenight meal!

Marlin Ceviche
A great adaptation of this Peruvian dish!

Grilled Marlin Tacos
A fresh idea for fish tacos featuring homemade pico de gallo.


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