Thirsty Thursday: Sangria Poptails 5 Ways

August 4, 2011


A sangria on a hot sunny day is incredibyl refreshing! Red wine, fruit juice and soda - only lightly boozy, quite fruity and perfect for beating the summer heat. How can you possibly improve on this quaffable concoction? Turn it into a popsicle + cocktail = poptail. Eureka!

Simple Sangria Popsicles
Red wine and fruit, frozen into a deliciously refreshing popsicle cocktail.

Strawberry Mint Sangria Pops
Ultimately refreshing.

Sangria on a Stick
With anise, ginger and white wine - an exotic white sangria.

Sangria Blanca
White wine, orange liquer and fresh fruit make for a super simple 

Hawk Haven Winery's Signature Sangria
With fresh juice instead of cut fruit, this formerly "top secret" recipe freezes beautifully.

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