Applebee's Food Truck Jumps the Shark

August 6, 2011

The all-new Applebee's food truck should signify the downfall of the mobile eatery trend -- right? AmRest, which owns eight states' worth of Applebee's restaurants, launched the food truck at the Colorado Burger contest last weekend. The photo above, captured by Patricia Calhoun of Denver Westword blog Cafe Society, features Applebee's executive chef Shannon Johnson posing proudly at the event.

The Applebee's food truck is set to travel to food events all over Colorado. Is the truck a smart corporate move for Applebee's, or does it cast the chain in a negative light?

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Krissy's picture

It's so disappointing to see such a hip and social trend
possibly ruined by a less than mediocre food chain. By the way
Applebee's, stealing from the poor isn't very good for your neighborhood values. The food truck industry is for people trying to make it. Pull over.

Stephanie's picture

This is very sad. I own a food truck and am very proud of the kind of food I serve and the quality as well. Applebee's? Really? This is just going to put small business even further out of business. I hope this big chain trend hits a road block. Leave the food trucks to those of us who love what we do and serve up quality.