Sheryl Crow's Eskimo Diet

August 22, 2011

After being diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer, Sheryl Crow went on, what she likes to call, the Eskimo diet.

Along with her personal chef, Chuck White, Crow created a way to eat healthy, fight cancer, and make food fun. White and Crow wrote a book together titled If It Makes you Healthy, where they included recipes that Crow says helped change her life.

“Sheryl’s not a huge fan of tomatoes or salmon, so what we did was get creative with colorful vegetables, which have more nutrients than green vegetables,” White said. “I found ways to incorporate tomatoes into her regular diet to make it more fun, interesting and flavorful. Making healthy food fun – that’s the key.”

The 49-year-old entertainer said she learned the benefits of eating healthier.

“I learned the benefits of nutrients such as omega-3 and lycopene and began what I call an Eskimo diet – lots of salmon, brown rice and colorful vegetables.”

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