5 Spicy Jam and Jelly Recipes

August 23, 2011

These sweet and spicy jellies and jams are the perfect condiment to give your food a kick.  Chili peppers are relatively inexpensive so this canning project will be cheap.  Take care to use gloves and DO NOT WIPE YOUR EYES! These jam and jelly recipes make great gifts and are a "must-have" pantry item.

Habanero Gold Jelly
Make sure you wear gloves when preparing this jelly, habanero peppers rank as one of the hottest sold peppers.

Easy Jalapeno Jelly
Spread this sweet and spicy jelly on sandwiches for a kick of heat.

Red Pepper Jelly
This mild jelly is perfect paired with cream cheese on a bagel or crackers.

Strawberry Chipotle Jam
Slather this jam on top of a roasted pork chop for an "out of this world" dish.

Chili Jam
Red chilies are mixed with garlic, ginger, and tomatoes for a savory jam that's delicious a spread or dipping sauce.

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