Mark and Donnie Wahlberg to Open a Burger Joint

August 26, 2011

As if actors and musicians (remember "Good Vibrations?") weren't enough for Donnie and Mark Wahlberg's resumes, they are now getting ready to open Wahlburgers Restaurant.

The restaurant is a joint venture between Donnie, Mark and their brother Paul. Apparently they had to fight quite the battle to acquire the name "Wahlburgers" because it was already trademarked by a restaurant in New York. But now the brothers have been given full rights to "Wahlburgers" and can continue their plans to open the burger joint.

Wahlburgers is going to open just outside of Boston, close to their Italian restaurant, Alma Nove, and Paul is going to serve as the full-time chef. The three brothers are also planning on opening a pizza place next spring.

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