Too Drunk to Pay the Bill?

September 1, 2011

A man has filed a lawsuit against a New York City nightclub, insisting staff continued to serve him alcohol long after he was capable of conducting financial transactions. As a result, he racked up a $28,000 charge. 

The plaintiff, W.A. Ilg went to the Hustler Club (a strip club) in May, but doesn't remember much of the evening because he was so drunk. Somehow, he managed to rack up a $28,000 bill and the club charged his card. 

According to the lawsuit, the club "wrongfully served plaintiff excess alcoholic beverages such that plaintiff was no longer capable of conducting financial transactions." 

Should bars and nightclubs be held responsible for bad decisions patrons make while drunk? 

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David Jacobs's picture

It would be interesting to see the itemized receipt.

Rob's picture

No, bars and nightclubs should not be responsible for bad decisions. Personal responsibility. Next will someone sue a nightclub cause they went home with an ugly person, or contracted an STD, etc and it's the bars' fault because the patron was too drunk. Nope... you chose to drink, you choose to pay the bill, drive, pick people up, engage in unsafe sexual relations, etc, it's all on you.