Gordon Ramsay Closes Two Australia Restaurants

August 29, 2011

Gordon Ramsay has closed two of his Australia restaurants because they are "not financially sustainable." The celebrity chef owes about $4.8 million on Maze and Maze Grill, both in Melbourne, after pumping some $8 million of personal cash into the restaurants at the peak of the 2009 recession.

Gordon Ramsay's restaurants span the globe, including locations in Ireland, the U.K., the U.S., Dubai and Tokyo. We covered the troubles his Montreal restaurant Laurier Gordon Ramsay experienced on opening night earlier this month. Do you think the "Hell's Kitchen" chef is spreading himself too thin, so to speak?

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Hugh McGivern's picture

Like any business he is being hit because people do not have the cash to spend on luxuries. He has to get his team to re-evaluate who he is selling to and what they can afford. I feel sorry for him because he works endlessly.

Rich's picture

Gordon has turned into a joke. Today on Masterchef he outed a good chef (Felix) for two jokes Josh n David. Further he spins garbage on Hells kitchen. He's lost his touch. I have fired him from my TV. He is now into shock n awe. Here's a shock Gordon (" your fired")