SkinnyGirl Margaritas are Carcinogenic

September 2, 2011

Earlier this month, Whole Foods pulled Bethenny Frankel's SkinnyGirl Cocktails off their shelves and cited very vague reasons. It turns out the SkinnyGirl Margaritas contain sodium benzoate, a substance that becomes carcinogenic when mixed with vitamin C or lime.

Well, that doesn't sound very healthy.

"I'm not making wheatgrass here," the Real Housewife said in defense of her product. "If I could put an agave plant and some limes on a shelf I would. [The Skinnygirl Margarita] is as close to nature as possible, while still being a shelf-stable product."

Frankel isn't letting this Whole Foods situation get her down, though. She referred to the ordeal as a "non-event" and is moving on with promoting SkinnyGirl Cocktails.


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Cindy Cicala's picture

You tell em Bethenny, Wonder what Cuervo is putting in theirs, OMG

noliah's picture

She's a greedy phoney.

Grace Gregory's picture

It's not that sodium benzoate itself becomes carcinogenic. When combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), benzene is produced. Benzene is a proven carcinogenic. You can read more information about it at

marco's picture

I am highly allergic to preservatives. My wife found Skinny Girl "all natural" margaritas, and said I could drink them. We went to a good neighbors house that knew of my allergies, and he cooked for me. Not knowing we drank 4 bottles of Skinny and I ended up in the emergency room. I blamed him and have not talked to him since then, thinking he did not check the ingredients of the meal.
He fowarded this link to me and I have sent him my apologies.
Saying "all natural" could have killed me, instead I spent $3000.00 and got an epi shot in an IV. There needs to be consequences for lying on food labels.