3 Must Try Ecofriendly DIY Kitchen Projects

September 5, 2011

If you're like me, you try to recycle everything - inside the house and out. While Seattle has a fine recycling and compost/yard waste program, I still don't always feel that great about (even recyclable) waste. So here are 3 amazing DIY projects for the kitchen that reuse some of your recyclable cast offs! 

DIY Sandwich Box
Take those plastic milk jugs and turn them into treasure! A quick and easy tutorial for making a reusable lunch containter from a single milk jug. Don't drink milk by the gallon? Ask your local coffee shop if they can set aside a few (uncrushed) jugs for you -- be sure to specify milk and not half and half or heavy cream - they're a real pain in the butt to clean out! See photo above.

Magnet Organizers
Turn old tea and spice tins into fridge-ready magnet organizers, perfect for shopping lists, pens and pencils, you name it! Plus, they're super cute.

Pancake Batter Squeeze Bottle
Use old ketchup or mustard bottles to hold pancake batter - the best part? You're not just helping to save the planet, you can make pancake art! Who doesn't love a lacy pancake? See cool photo below!

Pancake Art by MoreDesignPlease

Super cool reuse of condiment squeeze bottles for pancake batter! Gorgeous pancake art by MoreDesignPlease.