Weird Wednesday: Chumlee's $11,500 Bar Bill, Fried Bubblegum and 126-Pound Cabbages

September 7, 2011

Happy Weird Wednesday! This week, we've got an $11,500 bar bill by the dimwitted "Pawn Stars" sidekick Chumlee, marzipan babies, Coca-Cola trumpets and what Kim Kardashian really thinks about olives. Let's get started, shall we?

Austin "Chumlee" Russell celebrated his birthday at the Push nightclub in Tunica, Miss. with $11,000 worth of Cristal. [TMZ]

A just-opened exhibit at London's Victoria & Albert Museum called "Power of Making" blends science and crafts. Among its 200 objects are a baby made of marzipan, a crocheted life-sized bear, an artificial eye maker and a coat hanger gorilla that stands 3 meters tall. [TreeHugger]

Archbishop Don Magic Juan, who Snoop Dogg calls his spiritual advisor, has been forced to quit eating meatloaf for good following surgery to remove a blood clot. [TMZ]

Stefan Asafti inspires "brandversations" with his project that uses one company's logo to create a larger print of its competitor's logo. [Behance]

Tangelo fans, meet the next big hybrid fruit: the pluerry. [Wall Street Journal]

Celine Dion's house was targeted yesterday by a pastry-eating burglar who can't resist a hot bath. [TMZ]

Kim Kardashian really, really doesn't want to like olives. [Crushable]

Is this the creepiest candy commercial in existence? [VideoSift]

Fried bubblegum won a 2011 Big Tex Choice Award in the Most Creative category. Here's how to make it. [Gawker]

A 126-pound cabbage just barely missed the mark for a world record. Better luck next year. [MSNBC]

A savvy musician in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has turned a Coca-Cola bottle into a trumpet. [Daily Picks and Flicks]

Fark staged a Photoshop contest with the theme "Rejected Food Network Shows." Some of these are suggestive and thereby NSFW. [Fark]

Want to eat less at each meal? Use your other hand to eat. [OC Weekly]

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