Impress Your Guests With Stamped Cookies

September 8, 2011

Need to decorate cookies in a flash? Stamp 'em!  The process is super quick (not to mention easy!) and will have your cookies looking gorgeous in no time. While you can buy Cookie Stamp Sets, if you're on a budget, regular crafting stamps work just fine and with a wider variety of designs! You can use any rubber stamp (the better the contrast between surfaces/deeper the grooves, the better), just make sure they are clean (not used for crafting) and you're ready to go. Even better - because the process is so easy, this is a great project for little helpers!

Here's the scoop on this quick and easy decorating idea:

1. Roll out your cookie dough to 1/4 inch thick - shortbread or sugar cookie recipes work best -- recipes with chocolate chips or nuts will be much more difficult.

2. Cut cookie dough into shapes that will fit your designs -- circles, squares, triangles, flowers, hearts - have a blast!

3. Flour your stamps (using gluten free or all purporse flour)

4. Press stamps into dough, re-flouring between impressions. Bake as per recipe instructions!

Check out Country Living Magazine's take on this cool decorating idea! (Scroll through slideshow to find the article)

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I absolutely love this. What a wonderful idea!