Outback Steakhouse Gives Children Alcohol

September 9, 2011

Is this happening again? An Ohio Outback Steakhouse is in hot water after a server mistakenly gave a family free samples of a drink that contained peach schnapps and vodka

While waiting to be seated, a server approached the Kerwin family and offered them small, free samples of a slushy drink. One woman asked if the drink contained alcohol and was told no. The entire family— including children aged 4, 13 and 15— tried the samples. Because they were slushy drinks, the children took a couple. 

The manager apologized for the mistake, gave them their meal for free and bizarrely even offered to make a donation to the family's church. 

"Our server failed to inform the adults in the Kerwin family that the drink contained alcohol. A member of the family then gave the sample to two of their children. Regardless, we should have informed the adults that the samples contained alcohol," the company said in a statement

The server was later fired and the family does not plan to pursue legal action.